Hello World

Let’s start simple. This example exists in the basics/hello directory in the examples repo, but it’s so simple you might want to create your own version by following the instructions below.

Create a unique directory for this example, such as hello, and then change directory to it.

mkdir hello
cd hello

Important! You’ll create a unique directory for every example. A directory must contain its own distinctDockerfile as well as any other files ( symbolic links won’t work) that will need to be copied into the generated Docker image.

You’re going to write a small program – just a basic shell script to print the obligatory Hello World greeting.

Next you’ll write a short Dockerfile. You’ll use the Dockerfile to build a Docker image that incorporates your program.

Finally you’ll use the image to launch a container. Your program executes inside the container.

The container is a logical abstraction based on Linux features that simply runs the process for your program in a way that isolates it from the rest of the system.